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Newest design LCD display USB charger for camera battery

Newest design LCD display USB charger for camera battery

lcd USB charger 01 logo.jpg


1.Model NumberLCD USB charger
2.Input voltage 5V 1-2A
3.Output voltage DC 4.2V/8.4V
4.Charging Current600mAh
5.Color Black 
6.Warranty 12 months 
7.Certificate CE FCC UL RoHS 

Fit models

for Canon LP-E6

for Canon LP-E8

for Canon LP-E17

for Nikon EN-EL15

for Nikon EN-EL20/EN-EL22

for Nikon EN-EL21

for Nikon EN-EL5

for Nikon EN-EL12

for Nikon EN-EL3/EN-EL3E

for Nikon EN-EL9

for Nikon EN-EL19

for Nikon EN-EL14

for Nikon EN-EL10

for Olympus BLN1

for Olympus BLS-1/BLL-1/BLS-5/NP-120

for Olympus BLM1/BLL/BLM5

for Olumpus LI-50B/70B/90B/NP-BK1/D-LI92

for Olympus LI-12B/DBL10

for Pentax DMW-BCG10E/BCG10/BCH7

for Pentax CGA-S007E/S007/DMW-BCD10

for Pentax D-LI63/LI108

for NP-45/NP-80/K7006

for Fuji NP-60/NP-120/NP-30/K5000/1037/1137/5001

for Fuji NP-W126

for Fuji LI-40B/42B

for Fuji SLB0837/0737/D-LI8/K7005/D-LI7/D-LI68/K7004/K7001

for Fuji NP-85

for Fuji NP-95

for Samsung SB-LSM80/LSM160/LSM320

for Samsung BP-70A/BP-85A

for Samsung BP1030/BP1130

for Samsung BP1310

for Samsung SLB-10A

for Panasonic DMW-BCF10E/BCF10/BCK7/S009

for Panasonic VBG130/VBG260/VBG070

for Panasonic DU07/DU14/DU21/DU23/DU12/DU16

for Panasonic BLC12E

for Sony NP-BG1/FG1

for Sony NP-FW50

for Sony NP-FM50/70/90/QM71D/91D/NP-FM500H/FM55H/NP-F550/F750/F960/F970"

for Sony NP-BN1

for Sony NP-BX1

for Sony NP-FP50/70/FP90/FF170/NP-FV50/FV70/90/100/120/NP-FH30/50/60/70/100"

for Sony FR1/FT1/FE1/FD1

......and so on.

We have all the the LCD USB charger for most of the hot selling photo and video camera batteries.

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