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Professional dslr camera camcorder microphone MIC-108 wired condenser with standard jack and slide

Dslr camera camcorder microphone MIC-108

MIC-108 1.jpg


1,Type: 3r Dms(mide -side) stereo radio system

2,Power requirement: DC 3V

3,Requirement battery: CR2 DC3V Lithium battery

4,Frequency Response: 30-18000Hz

5,Sensitivity: -40dB(0 dB=1v/pa,1kHz)

6,Directionality: directional

7,Length of cable: About 28cm

8,Dimension: 25*130*60mm(Not including cable and windscreen)

9,Weight: 120g with package

10,Accessories: Hoods*1,CR2 battery*1, buggy bag*1,Use manual*1,pick-up:90 or 120,2           kinds for switch

11,Longlife of battery: About 800 hours


The MIC-108 DSLR & camcorder microphone features a highly sensitive electret condenser microphone. Being powered by a single 3V lithium battery(included), the microphone is capable of picking up even soft, low-level sounds at relativety long distances from the camera.


It easily slides into the accessory shoe of most camcorders and the flash shoe on most digital-still cameras capable of recording full-motion video files. (The camera must have an external stereo microphone input jack.) It connects to the camera with a single cord with a three conductor audio plug.


The pickup pattern is cardioid. It is most sensitive to sounds in front of the microphone and very much less sensitive to sounds coming from behind it. Aditionally, the microphone incorporates a combination on-off and angle selection switch, plus a battery-level LED warning light.



* Can be used on camcorder with jack and slide

* Adopt 3rd Ms(Mid-side) stereo radio system, can pick up natural sounds, transmit ultraclear stereo.

* Cardioid pickup pattern diminishes sound from behind

* Lithium battery provides longer use

* User-selectable pickup angles choose either 90 degree or 120 degree

* Windscreen included; great indoors or out

* Lightweight for less fatigue

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