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Professional Takstar SGC-598 Wireless Microphone for camera camcorder

Professional Takstar SGC-598 Wireless Microphone

SGC-598 01.jpg


Monomer: Back electret

Polar pattern: cardioid

Frequency response: 50Hz-16kHz

Sensitivity:-32dB ± 3dB (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1kHz)

Enhanced sensitivity: +10 dB

The low-frequency attenuation: 60Hz 10dB / octave

Output impedance: 2000Ω ± 30%

Use voltage: 1.5V AA batteries


* Specially designed for the camera and high-sensitivity condenser microphone to enhance the quality of the recording

* heart-shaped single-point pickup features can effectively reduce the noise of the surrounding environment to be picked up

* 10dB sensitivity enhancement and 200Hz low-frequency attenuation; to meet the different field


* Use standard universal connector specifications, can be simply fixed the camera

* Shock-resistant structural design, to reduce the mechanical noise of the camera and other vibration noise

* Set tone governing the selection of alloy materials design, sturdy solid, and can effectively shield electromagnetic interference

* 1.5V AA alkaline battery-powered, battery life of up to 100 hours

* Low power indicator, fully prepared ready to replace the battery

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