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175Wh 12000mAh V mount V lock battery for Sony broadcast camcorder and video light power supply

175Wh 12000mAh V mount V lock battery for Sony

BP-175 03.jpg


Model No:          V mount battery BP-175W 175Wh

Battery Type:      Li-polymer A level cells

Size:              2.5 x 3.8 x 4.2 inches

Voltage:           14.4V

Capacity:          12000mAh real capacity

Maximum charge voltage       16.8V

USB Output:        5V/2.1A

Input/Output:      With DC input (16.8V 4.5A) and D-TAP port

Condition:         Brand new

Use:               Sony broadcast camcorders or video lights

Weight:            1500g

Warranty:          12 months

Certification:     CE FCC ROHS


* 12000mAh high capacity, long operating time

* Providing 1.8 times life time of original battery

* premium quality polymer lithium ion battery, environmental protection

* Five grades power display

* Build in dual current detection

* Multiple protection: Overdischarge, Overcharge, short circuit protection

* Suitable for Sony V mount, V lock 

* D-TAP power interface

* Independent 5V/2.1A USB output, available to charge smart-phone

* Applicable to all professional broadcasting camcorder camera for Sony

* Wireless microphone slot

* More than 500 Full recharge cycles over the life of the battery


Fit Sony camcorder models

Sony camcorders PMW-EX330K PMW-EX330L, PMW-580K PMW580L, PDW-680 PDW-700 PDW-850, PMW-TD300, HDW-F900R HDW-680 HDW-800P, PMW-F55 PMW-F5,etc. 

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